Music Monday #5 – Schubert

The Austrian composer Franz Schubert was born January 31, 1797, near Vienna in Himmelpfortgrund.  He would die in Vienna of typhus at the age of 31.  A shy man, who is said to have given only one public concert, he is often over shadowed by others like Beethoven,  Mozart, Schumann,  and Chopin.  His 600 Lieder (romantic songs) are probably his greatest legacy but he also wrote significant chamber works and piano pieces.  There are only a smattering of short solo dances, marches or serenades by Schubert that an average piano student will encounter.  His Impromptus are popular with students who gain that level of facility as well as with concert pianists.  His Sonatas and the Wanderer Fantasy are ‘big’ works demanding very accomplished performers.

Here are 3 YouTube clips  of Schubert being played by some past piano greats:

Rubinstein – Impromptu Op.90 N.4

Richter – Schubert “Wanderer”

Rudolf Serkin –  Piano Sonata in B flat

3 thoughts on “Music Monday #5 – Schubert

  1. I always liked Schubert’s work. I agree, he is over shadowed by the more known composers, but his work always had a simplicity about it that I really enjoyed.
    I had forgotten he died so young. What a shame….great talent.

    1. My pleasure. I know I would not really want to go back to teaching elementary classroom music but I really enjoyed doing lessons about the “Great Composers.” And today all the basic info is so quickly found on the internet. It was much more work in the 1980s.

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