Wacky Wednesday #5 – February is Spunky Old Broad Month

When I set up my Wednesday topics for all of 2012 I did not stop to research what I was selecting.  I just took the topics from www.brownielocks.com that at first glance seemed most plausible.  There are some things that ought to, but do not, jump right out at me.  In this case it was that ‘Spunky Old Broad’ can be reduced to SOB.

When I did research I learned that Dr. Gayle Carson CSP. CMC SOB (I am listing her just as she lists herself) coined the Spunky Old Broad term as part of her commitment to “having all women over 50 live a regret-free life”.  A press release from a few years back stated that Gayle established the S.O.B. month to “…celebrate how many women are re-inventing themselves and achieving greatness with new businesses, creating new records in sports events and sponsoring charitable foundations.”

I am not re-inventing myself, etc,, but I clearly fall into the over 50 category, and living a regret-free life appeals to me.

If you want to read an absurd (and sometimes bawdy) account of some older women having a good time getting even with folks who annoy them you might try The Murderous Urges of Ordinary Women – A Novel by Louis MeltzerThings do go overboard, it is not a masterpiece, but if you don’t think too hard, and you keep reminding yourself it is all fiction,  it does provide some excellent chuckles.  And February can be a month for seeking out some good deep belly laughs.


3 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday #5 – February is Spunky Old Broad Month

  1. One of the books I read recently (I think it was 50 Is the New 50) said that for women, it isn’t the fabulous fifties – it’s the (four letter word, rhymes with duck) – you fifties. Because as women, we’re ready to lead our own lives and not be bossed around by bosses, husbands, and family anymore. All part of a no-regrets life, but it does take us a while to get to that point.

    • I am much more direct with people now that I am in my 50s. Yes it has taken me a lot to get here. I am happier not being walked over but hope I have not over corrected too. Like in ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ I’d like to think that I’ve found something close to ‘just right’. —– On second thought maybe we do have to over correct for a short time to get the point across to others.

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