Thoughtful Thursday #5 – Actor or Director

If you could be involved in making a movie, would you rather act or direct?

No doubt about it, I would rather act.  I like taking on a character.  I would enjoy hair and make-up.  I believe I am capable of taking direction.  My reservation about movie acting would be that I doubt the camera would love me, or that I would love seeing myself on a big screen.  But I still would not want to direct, too much responsibility, too many decisions.

With the lead up to the Oscars I actually have watched more recently released movies than I normally would over the past month.   There is a lot of hype about the big names in directing like George Lucas (Red Tails) and Steven Spielberg (War Horse).  I saw both those films.  I liked them both, but thought there were ways either film could have been more enjoyable for the viewer.  My favorite of the movies I have seen that is up for a number of Oscars is the Iron Lady, directed by Phyllida Lloyd.  Does that mean I prefer Phylida Lloyd as a director to the two American superstar directors?  I don’t think so.  It probably comes down to liking the story behind Iron Lady and certainly the talents of Meryl Streep.

Now some shameless name dropping:  In 2004 of Meryl Streep received an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Middlebury College in part because her nephew was a member of that year’s graduating class.  At that time my husband was the administrator in charge of graduation.   He had stressed to me that “Mrs. Gummer” – aka of Meryl Streep wanted to be able to be an ordinary person during the weekend.  So I controlled myself and never approached or spoke to her.  However husband took great pleasure in being able to say he had to give stage directions to Meryl Streep.   She would the first honorary degree recipient to leave the platform so he got to tell her when and how to fall into line at the end of the ceremony.

Sorry I don’t have photos of my husband hooding Meryl Streep but again that isn’t something that would have been appropriate for me to do.  And at that time I would not have wanted to feed his ego by doing so either.  I am sure somewhere, someplace there is a photo of that moment in the college archives, and maybe, just maybe somewhere in a Gummer home.


4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday #5 – Actor or Director

  1. What a great story! That must have been so hard, not saying anything to Meryl Streep…I think I’d have been snapping sneaky pictures when no one was looking (especially hubby! lol).

    I would also rather act than direct. Its fun to become someone you are not for short periods of time and I love costumes and dressing up.

  2. I read this the day it posted. It’s really too bad you didn’t get to meet Meryl Streep. It seems she’d be a real person. How cool that she was at the college for her nephew’s graduation.

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