Music Monday #6 – “All Those Years Ago”

On -this-day-com says that on Feb. 6, 1981, former Beatles, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr & George Harrison teamed up to record a musical tribute to John Lennon. The song “All Those Years Ago” was the result.  The 3 remaining Beatles would not record together again until the mid-1990s.  Wiki says Harrison originally wrote the song with different lyrics for Ringo Starr to record.  After Lennon’s death, the lyrics were changed in tribute to John.   The music video, below,  for “All Those Years Ago” features stills and short archival video clips with an emphasis on Lennon and, to a lesser degree, Harrison.



4 thoughts on “Music Monday #6 – “All Those Years Ago”

  1. I love this song! I haven’t stopped to listen to it in a long while and I really enjoyed the video! The Beatles always remind me of my first boyfriend. He had long hair and Lennon-round glasses..he just idolized them. He had the most expansive collection of music I’ve ever seen and I had the benefit of being able to hear a lot of the less mainstream stuff….and of course, fell in love with the Beatles.
    Thanks for the happy memories. xx

    • I agree with you that certain songs bring me straight back to past romantic attachments.

      I am a little too young to have been in the 1st wave of Beatles fans. But I was amazed by how much my husband (7 years older) enjoyed going to the homes of Lennon & McCartney.

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