Thoughtful Thursday #6 – Anonymous Gift

What gift would you like to anonymously send someone?

I remember being newly married.  I entered the relationship with no debt, a small sum in the bank, but no job.  My husband had a secure well-paying job, but an old car that would die within our first year of marriage.  I worked as a substitute teacher, and then landed regular but non full-time teaching positions.  We were never in a situation of not paying our rent or not making minimum payments on debts, but we did go without a car for a full year.  Becoming debt free and purchasing a home would not happen until we had been married 9 years, and that was largely due to an inheritance.

I know in the economy then, and most certainly now, there were/are people who were/are in much more dire situations.  If I could make an anonymous gift with a magic million dollars that would not exist unless I did so it would be to pay off the debt acquired by working people who have educational and/or medical related debt that keeps them treading water, unable to move forward with their hopes and dreams.


2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday #6 – Anonymous Gift

  1. What a lovely soul you are! I see soooo many people stuck in the situations you speak of and it’s a terrible shame. I’m not financially secure by any stretch of the imagination but we always manage our household well enough that we’re not hurting for anything. I feel lucky just to have that, in today’s economy.

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