Thoughtful Thursday #7 – Hot or Cold?

What is worse, extremely cold weather or extremely hot weather?

I dislike hot weather, let alone extremely hot weather.  When traveling where temperatures are reported in Celsius my motto is “20 is plenty”.  [ 20 C =  68 F ]  I have always been ‘pleasingly plumb,’ or beyond, so skimpy clothing and sun bathing hold no appeal to me.

We have had, in my opinion, a very warm winter.  It just doesn’t feel right.  My sense is the month of February should typically have a 2 – 4 day stretch of below zero Fahrenheit temperatures.  This year we aren’t even getting too many days that stay below freezing.

Looking around online I found that says of cold weather:

>  People who live in cold climates tend to live longer.

>  It’s so much easier to breathe cold, crisp air than hot, heavy air.

>  There’s nothing quite like watching a snowfall through a window while sipping hot cocoa.

>  Everyone always has such beautiful rosy cheeks brought about by the frosty air.

But on the flip side, for those of you who would select extremely hot weather over cold, I found a website that reported:

An episode of extreme cold can shave an entire decade off one’s life, while an episode of extreme warmth typically hastens death by no more than a few weeks.

My conclusion — moderate temperatures please, between  55 F – 75 F with a light breeze.  I am thankful to have central heating or A/C available to me when the temperature goes below or above that range.

Your thoughts on this Thursday’s topic?

4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday #7 – Hot or Cold?

  1. You’re speaking my native tongue Kitty! I love the winter here (in Canada) and I agree, it’s been miserably soggy and un-winter-like this year. This morning Colt got his snowsuit on and took one step outside and sunk to his ankles in mud. I remember, at his age, playing in FEET of snow at this time of year. It’s not been ‘right’ at all.

    I went to Mexico a few years back in July (…..yeah) and it was so hot I could barely stand to breathe. I used to be a chilly little skinny thing, but since putting on a little baby fat, I’ve much preferred cooler temps, or at best, warm. Mind you, my bones would say otherwise some days…lol

    Have you ever had the chance to visit Alaska? The cold up there is so dry…it’s an entirely different experience. I love it way up there.

  2. I’m not a fan of hot weather and I do prefer the cold so I consider myself lucky that I live in England which is exactly right for me! Am I strange to enjoy the rain, or is it that I’m conditioned to it living in Manchester all my life?!

  3. Both extremes are bad, although it seems you can never get away from the cold. The heat may be miserable, but if you are careful to take it easy, you can at least manage.

    I lived in Nebraska for a while – the winters were colder than Minnesota and the summers were hotter than Atlanta. I have no idea how that state ever got settled.


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