Six Word Friday – 2/17/12

Topic: GUILT

Guilty of carrying too many pounds,
Guilty of no interest in running,
Guilty of an apple like shape,
Guilty of not loving leafy greens,
Guilty of craving sweets and chocolate,
Not guilty of dismissing this dilemma.

7 thoughts on “Six Word Friday – 2/17/12

  1. Guilty of relating! My current “solution”… walking. And eating a few sweets. And eating veggies that I like…cause I have NEVER been able to enjoy a salad unless it’s swimming in the bad stuff!

  2. Is Zoe okay? I’ve been reading your posts daily in my E-mails but had not been here since last week to comment and had no idea you’d changed everything up, including your gravatar. I like it, but was surprised.

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