Six Word Friday – 2/24/12

Topic: BARE

Bare ground this winter, no snow.


7 thoughts on “Six Word Friday – 2/24/12

  1. So brown and drab, I know. You already know I’ve missed the snow this year too. Today, we’re getting ice rain… :S Shall make for an interesting drive home. (But sooooo pretty)

    1. It has messed up my sense of time & season. Last year finally felt a little like a normal old fashioned winter. This has been like an endless November. Snow reflects light making the short days less gloomy.

      At this point I would not be thrilled by much snow, although we might have a few inches tonight. It is too late to help the Vermont businesses that have been hit hard by the lack of snow. Another part of the state economy, maple production, is likely to be hit hard also. Lack of cold temperatures may well mean low quantity & quality because the sap simply will not have much sugar content. Not good.

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