Wacky Wednesday # 10 – Learn What Your Name Means Day

According to BrownieLocks  March 7 is Learn What Your Name Means Day.  There are other dates in early March also given this distinction (the 4th or 9th).  My proper first name is Kathleen, meaning pure  & is considered to be Irish in origin.  My nickname Kitty is a diminutive of Katherine, which is a variant of Kathleen.  Kitty is considered English or Irish.

My maiden name is a relatively uncommon Scottish name, from Eastern Scotland, and a sect of the Gordon clan.  The photo below shows the remains of Huntly Castle in Scotland. It became the stronghold of the Gordons when  Alexander, 2nd Lord Gordon, was created Earl of Huntly in about 1445.

My married name is a very common surname that is considered English or Welsh.  However the British Isles are not the origins of my husband’s family.  My husband’s four grandparents were all immigrants to America coming from Poland & Russia.

4 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday # 10 – Learn What Your Name Means Day

  1. My name, Grainne, is Irish Celtic. The word itself translates to: Love. (I’ve always been so fond of my name for that reason). Grainne, translated to English, is Grace.

    My last name is not my own but it also has strong Irish roots. My father was born and raised in Scotland but his heritage is Irish…something he was never fond of admitting. lol.

  2. I have had people insist that I must be Irish because of “I’ll take you home again, Kathleen” plus the nickname Kitty but as I noted above the Scottish heritage on my dad’s side was clear, and the rest of my grandparent’s heritage was English.

    I have known a couple of people named Grace but finding you online was the first time I had ever encountered the name Grainne.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post and agree with Patti that the picture is superb. My name is a derivation of the word gracious. Thankfully as I get older, I’m fitting the description better.


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