Music Monday # 11 – The Dave Brubeck Quartet

On this date, March 12th, in 1951 The Dave Brubeck Quartet made its Carnegie Hall debut.    Brubeck studied composition with Darius Milhaud before he began working as a jazz pianist & formed his quartet with saxophonist Paul Desmond.   In 1959 (the year I was born) The Dave Brubeck Quartet released the album Time Out, which included what would become the ensemble’s signature piece “Take Five.”   Desmond’s “Take Five” became the first jazz instrumental recording to sell over a million copies.  The quartet would perform & re-record “Take Five” many times.  And of course there are multiple cover versions.

I am including two YouTube versions, one quite early, and the other from this century.


I feel very fortunate that,  because of my involvement with MTNA while operating my piano studio,  I was able to hear Dave Brubeck perform and give lectures/workshops on two different occasions.


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