Wacky Wednesday # 12 – National Common Courtesy Day

“Life be not so short but that there is always time for courtesy.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

March 21st is National Common Courtesy Day.  March 21st was also the birthday of my Aunt Erma who raised me.  I do not remember her ever telling me to be courteous, per say, but she did expect proper behavior and good manners. As far as I can tell, at this point in my life, behaving properly and exercising good manners equals courtesy.  I don’t feel right if I don’t put on a smile and say hello when meeting someone.  I am usually inclined to feel that I should hold the door if someone is coming a few steps behind me.  I don’t expect doors to be held open for me but if they are I smile and say thank you.  These habits which were instilled early strike me as core common courtesies.  The effort is tiny but the pay-off is heart-warming.

So I encourage you to take an extra second of two today to extend some little common courtesies to those you encounter and to say thank you to anyone extending courtesy to you.  And if you enjoy the pay-off go ahead and do the same tomorrow also.


6 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday # 12 – National Common Courtesy Day

  1. Well, you already know how much I agree with manners!! 🙂 I’d like to reblog this post if you don’t mind? May I have your permission to reblog to Quietly Watching? xx G

      • Yes, of course you may have permission to re-blog. I did not get back to you sooner as I was out enjoying lunch with a good friend on this unbelievable glorious day.

        I appreciate that we share an expectation of courtesy in children & adults. And I am flattered that I don’t come off as stuffy and preachy to someone of your age.

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