Music Monday # 13 – Beethoven dies

On this date, March 26, in 1827 the composer Ludwig van Beethoven died.  So it seems fitting to post a performance of the 3rd movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 12 in A-flat major, Op. 26, ‘Marcia funebre sulla morte d’un Eroe’ —


6 thoughts on “Music Monday # 13 – Beethoven dies

  1. I didn’t know he was still alive! Okay, I’m very sorry — that was a tasteless joke, but it came to mind do quickly…

    This is a beautiful piece, one that I’ve not heard before. Thank you for allowing us to listen to this!

      1. I’m glad — the only jokes I remember are the tasteless ones. The good jokes, I always mess up the punch line! Thank you again for showing me the new-to-me piece of music! 😎

    1. It is nice that you are remembering her.

      As a child my aunt would mention so-and-so would have been ‘x’ today. I said to myself I will not do that when I grow up, but of course I do. My aunt’s birthday was on March 21st. She would have been 102 this year, wow.

  2. I love this piece. I’m not sure why it speaks to me as it does, but I’ve always loved it. xx

    (I do the birthday thing with my mom every year)

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