Travel Tuesday # 13 – New Mexico

Back in the summer of 1997 I made my first (and thus far only) trip to the American South-West.  I was tagging along with my husband who had some professional meetings in New Mexico. 

After the trip I have never attempted to grow hollyhocks again.

The sky, the mountains, and fields are all strikingly different from my home region.

These sunflowers caught my eye.

Although I don’t have a photo that is a good illustration I do remember coming home from the trip with a much more vivid idea of what the term ‘plateau’ meant after seeing geographical plateaus first hand.  And while it was nice to visit this part of the country I was positive I would not be happy in that climate for any more than a week or two.


5 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday # 13 – New Mexico

  1. I have never been to New Mexico but it looks like a gorgeous place to visit. We have so many trees here, and don’t get me wrong, I love it all fresh and green, but the warm, dry, rolling fields and mountains in your pics make me feel like I can breathe again. 🙂 Very nice photos.

  2. Isn’t it just the prettiest state? I haven’t lived there, but I traveled through several times. Great shots — they convey that feeling of wide open space.

  3. I had enjoyed visiting New Mexico a while back, but I agree that it didn’t appeal enough that I’d want to live there. It had it’s own pretty, but not like being around the trees and grasses.

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