Travel Tuesday # 15 – You do not have to go far

Sometimes you only need to go down the road a few miles for a few hours to get away and feel treated.  Family gatherings for the holidays did not exist in my husband’s family, and on my side they had been important but they fell apart about 12 years ago.  So we have done many a trip at holiday times.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out to go away, like this past Easter.  We went to a favorite restaurant in Brandon, VT –  Cafe Provence.  It is not far away but it felt like a holiday.  For me it was a big holiday off from counting calories and limiting sweet treats.  This plate of mini desserts was heaven —Clockwise, starting with the baby chick cookie, a lemon square, chocolate cake, chocolate case with raspberry mouse, and vanilla cheesecake with kiwi.  Believe it or not there were a few more dessert choices that I passed on (fruit tart, flour-less chocolate cake, & tiramisu that I can remember.)


3 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday # 15 – You do not have to go far

  1. I’m sorry to hear you don’t have family to see, although I can relate to it. My husband and I had to set boundaries with both sides of the family a long time ago. We’re thankful to have a much better relationship with our daughter.

    Now, as far as those treats go, I don’t think they look safe for you to eat. I think you should wait for me to come and taste test them for you (!). Along with the chocolate of course.

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