Wacky Wednesday # 15 – National Pet Day

Ah, I think it is obvious that I love my pets.  And the motto of National Pet Day is one I tend to agree with


National Pet Day was founded by  Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert & Animal Welfare Advocate “Colleen Paige” and is sponsored by – Animal Miracle Foundation + Network.

The pets I have had have never been purchased, as in coming from a breeder or pet shop.  I do have friends with purchased pets and I do not criticize them for that choice, or any of you reading this who have done likewise.  But there is something about walking into a shelter with so many caged animals and making the decision to take 1 or 2 of them  home with you that can not matched by a pedigreed pet I believe, that sense that you have saved them from that coped up life.  I also like to think that by loving them each day I help heal the rejection that they must have felt at being ‘turned in” to a shelter and “cast out” from another place.

My husband is closer to the cats in our lives than you can imagine.  Lightening, who has only been with us for about five weeks is already becoming his research supervisor — 

although even she sometimes finds the view out the window more interesting than his readings.  What she does like is watching YouTube over his shoulder.  I didn’t manage to snap a photo of that.

3 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday # 15 – National Pet Day

  1. This is a day, and a cause, that I support fully. My Cromwell I found in a box at the livestock auction in Calhan, Colorado; Laslo we took from a friend whose cat had gotten out for a couple of days; and Cassie, who lives with Mom now, came from the local shelter — she was tiny, but she cried so loudly that we decided then and there to name her Cassandra, from the woman in the myth who talked and talked, and no one listened. All three adorable cats, and all three from the very lowest of circumstances. Adoption works.

  2. We purchased the Vizsla because we hadn’t owned a dog for 30 years and wanted a good experience. Our daughter had purchased from the breeder and had a good experience. Now that we’re more experienced with the dogs, I doubt we would do that again. There are so many old beagles up for adoption that we’d probably go with that if we had to replace one of the boys.

    1. All perfectly understandable. I have been to numerous cat shows and love seeing the beautiful examples of a breed. I enjoy watching the big name dog shows on TV. I have nothing against these animals and have been tempted. But my heart goes out to strays.

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