Music Monday # 16 – Queen

On this date in 1974 the band Queen held its first U.S. concert at Regis College in Denver, CO.   I remember that my best friend throughout H.S. was an early fan of Queen.  I did not come to liking their music until much later but I have to admit I have a fair number of their “Greatest Hits” on my iPod.  Click on the blue ‘Queen’  for a YouTube of one of my favorites   —    Queen.   (Yes,  I am giving you a chance to try to guess what song it might be.)


4 thoughts on “Music Monday # 16 – Queen

  1. I love Queen — they represent the drama I enjoy so often in my own life. So sad that AIDS took Freddy Mercury at such a young age, and still in the early incarnation of his talent. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. I like “We Are The Champions”. When you listen to the words, it’s about the downside of fame. I especially like the part about how it’s not been a bed of roses / no pleasure cruise.

    • So true. I like that one too but I thought I’d highlight my impatient selfish side today. That and I love the rich vocal harmony at the very beginning of “I want it all”.

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