The bug actually bit me

It is spring yet rainy (which we need) and cool.  There was been a lot of sickness, or late season flu going around.  So far I have been lucky but another kind of ‘bug’ got me.  I am usually exceptionally immune to this one — the spring cleaning bug.  But it got me.  I have rooms where the area rugs have not been taken out in too many years and the furniture has not been moved for cleaning the baseboards behind pieces.  So if my blogging appears even more skimpy than you are used to blame this bug.  I know it will pass well before I have done half the rooms in my home.  Large houses are a blessing but also a curse.  Back to my ‘strength training’.


2 thoughts on “The bug actually bit me

  1. That bug needs to bite me, as I have the same issue…dust bunnies are multiplying! And now garden work competes for the time. I’d MUCH rather work in the garden!

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