Wacky Wednesday # 17 – Sky Awareness Week /Astronomy Week

Growing up on the eastern side of Vermont there was often a school field trip in the spring  to the Fairbanks Museum.  The natural history aspect of the museum did not inspire me much.  In fact to this day my husband has a hard time getting me into natural history museums.  What I did enjoy were the planetarium shows.  The presentations were live and always reflected exactly what was happening in the sky at the time.  I really did not understand how good the planetarium shows were until I went to a big city planetarium and found that the presentation was simply a generic prerecorded program.

Below is some info the Fairbanks Lyman Spitzer Jr, Planetarium from the website:

The Fairbanks Planetarium opened in 1961 to stimulate interest in astronomy. The pursuit of this mission continues today through the Museum’s ongoing astronomy programs, including Eye on the Night Sky radio broadcasts on Vermont Public Radio, Star Quest astronomy outreach programs, and our annual Perseid Star Party in August. The planetarium welcomes about 15,000 visitors annually through programs for schools and the public.

The projector is the original Spitz model A-2 installed in 1961, with bench seating for 45 people under a 24-foot domed ceiling enhanced by sound and image systems. Immediately adjacent to the Planetarium is the Exhibit Hall, featuring displays on many aspects of astronomy and space travel, including the exploration of the Solar System, and a diorama of the Moon’s surface and the Apollo Lunar Lander from 1969.

I have been to the planetarium presentation within the past three years and can report the quality continues.  The presenters have a real knack for engaging both children and adults.  So if you find yourself in St. Johnsbury, VT on a Saturday or Sunday at 1:30 pm  I recommend you take in the show.

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