Music Monday #18 – Recycling

I had an outing to Boston yesterday for another Handel & Haydn concert, the last of this season.  The program featured a number of pieces with ‘regal’  connections.  Thoroughly enjoyable.  A soprano soloist booked for the concert had to withdraw which allowed a member of the chorus to take the soprano solo slot.  In the first half of the program Teresa Wkim sang the popular Mozart  Exsultate, jubilate, K. 165 and then it the second half she again soloed in the Mozart Coronation Mass in C, K. 317.  Now somewhere in that Mass, I am going to venture to say in the Gloria,  despite the distance between the Köchel  catalog numbers I found myself thinking ‘sounds an awful lot like something I already heard today’.  Now a quick and simple Google search doesn’t turn up anything about a melodic/harmonic/rhythmic relation but I still believe I heard it.  However my search did lead to a note stating that Mozart reused materials from his Mass in C minor (1783)  in a 1785 oratorio “Davidde penitente”.  So perhaps my ears did indeed catch a bit of “recycling”.

  This clip is in no way similar to the concert performance I heard yesterday.  I selected it because I have had the pleasure of hearing services & performances in Salisbury Cathedral where this rendition took place.  And there is just something endearing about English choristers carrying on their long tradition.


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