Thoughtful Thursday # 18 – Five Words

Describe your personality in 5 words or less.  (Then explain.)

 Chatty – Tenacious – Curious – Intuitive – Cheerful.

No doubt about it I love chatting away with anyone who offers an ear and some feedback.

I do not like to throw in the towel.  Tenacious is a word some friends have use toward me and it sounds more positive than stubborn, but at times stubborn might be more reflective of my attitude.

Curious, because I am.  My curiosity may take the form of being inquisitive or digging around for information.  And you know what curiosity can do to a Kitty cat.

Intuitive.  After observation, and perhaps some research I tend to go with what I feel. Don’t try to sway me completely with data and statistics.

Cheerful.  It is a reflex.  Even if I would like to blow up in anger I am going to try a smile, a joke, some irony, a raising of my eyebrows before I launch into a hissing  fit.  (Or so I think.)



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