Wacky Wednesday # 19 – National Skin Cancer Awareness Month

I happen to be rather fair-skinned.  As a child my aunt had me wear some wacky hats (I can visualize a few of them, but no I do not have photos to share — thank goodness).  During my tweens (which did not have a name back then) and my teens I dreamed of getting a tan.  Dreaming was as far as that went.  I did get a few burns.  Once again I must credit my aunt for not allowing me to get more than I did — strong discipline in hindsight can be seen as a gift.  The web page for National Skin Cancer Awareness Month reminders states that Skin cancer is a lifestyle disease…”   There is much we can do to lower our chances of developing skin cancer even though current stats say 1 in 5 Americans will experience some form of skin cancer during their lifetime.  So be proactive and take a moment to click on the link above if you have any questions about the precautions you can take to avoid skin cancer.


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