Thoughtful Thursday # 20 – Like a sore thumb?

In what ways do you stand out?

We all have our differences and I know I am different in any number of ways from the people around me.  I have never felt that I am that good at really understanding how others see me, or what others really think of me despite knowing that I quite intuitive in other ways.  So I could be off base when answering this prompt but I am going to go for it.

The physical is a good place to start.  I am overweight and generally entirely round in an area full of outdoorsy athletic folks who are taller, slimmer, non-curvy and inclined to dress straight out of the L.L. Bean catalog or an Eastern Mountain Sports store.  The clothes are upmarket but causal:  The North Face, Patagonia, Woolrich, Dansko, Merrill.   I do have clothes and shoes that fit the norm for the area but I still do not feel they are  really me.  Being plus sized and under 5′ 2″ I am happier with the more classic tailored items found at Talbots or with labels like Elisabeth, Jones New York, Naturalizer, Nine West.  Age wise I think I am also not quite within the norm either.  It is a college area, so a large number of 18 – 30s but also a hub for retirees, 65 – 85/90s.  At 52 I am once again not within the norms.  Conclusion physically I stand out for my body shape, lack of height, everyday – around the house attire that is not so upscale outdoorsy, and ‘dress’ clothes that are more classically tailored, business influenced than the still sporty casual attire donned by most folks, plus I am either older or younger than most groups of people.

How do I stand out beyond the veneer of appearance/age?  I am not a “move in” from a far away state or foreign country but I am not a local from the immediate counties.  That places me as a true stand out.  Most people in this area have ‘pedigreed’  higher education (move ins) or are multi-generational locally education.  I am more like the locals but attached, by marriage, to the ‘pedigreed’ set — say uncomfortably positioned with one foot on either side of the fence (and with short legs to boot!).  Now for what honestly makes me stand out like a sore thumb:  I tend to speak loudly, I giggle when I am happy or nervous, and I am apt to say what I think.   As the years pass I am far less likely to apologize for, or struggle to reform the fact that I do not blend in so well.  So what if I stand out (stick out) like a sore thumb.

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