Wacky Wednesday # 21 – World Turtle Day

World Turtle Day is observed on May 23rd each year. It was started in 2000 by American Tortoise Rescue.  American Tortoise Rescue has been designation the Groupon Grassroots Charity of the Week.  If 45 People Donate $10, Then American Tortoise Rescue can build a raised vegetable garden to feed rescued turtles.  When I checked there had been over 280 donations made so I’d say the garden will be build and even more will be done for the turtles.

My favorite turtles are the sea turtles in the giant ocean tank at the New England Aquarium in Boston.  Here are some images from their website:I seem to have misplaced the photos I took during my October 2011 visit.  Right now the Aquarium is raising funds for a new and improved ocean tank to be installed in 2013 where Myrtle the turtle will be  the queen of the exhibit.

One thought on “Wacky Wednesday # 21 – World Turtle Day

  1. We went walking in a park down the street from my daughter and there were turtles all over the ponds. They were the little ones, ranging in size from a saucer to a large dinner plate. I was surprised how many were there in such a populated area.

    Your turtle pictures were great – if I ever travel there, it’s someplace to go see.

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