Thoughtful Thursday # 22 – Technology

Share what you enjoy most about today’s technology.

My newest piece of technology is my iPhone and it is my favorite.  It isn’t the phone aspect of it that has me enthralled, it is getting back to the  ol’  Apple mentality and the wide selection of free apps.  And I love that the case I purchased for my iPhone lets me get away without a purse a good deal of the time.

The  disadvantages that send me back to my laptop are the absence of a traditional keyboard (but I would not like to lug a keyboard with me everywhere) and the fact my eyesight does not make viewing the web on the small screen very practical (but I am amazed at how much I do sitting on the couch with my iPhone vs sitting down with my laptop.)

I believe word processing in general is one of the most liberating technologies of my lifetime.  How many of you remember ‘white out’ and that erasable typing paper?

3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday # 22 – Technology

  1. I remember all those typographical errors and trying to correct them. Ugh. I do love typing on a computer keyboard now! I like the folder for your iPhone! I didn’t see any like that when I got mine. It’s so nice and compact. I do like my new phone, though. 🙂 I got the white one, too!

    1. I like the white model best, besides my husband was getting one at the same time and he went for the black. I searched for the folder online. I believe I purchased it through Amazon.

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