Wacky Wednesday # 23 – National Tailor’s Day / Drive-In Movie Day

Hooray for tailors who make off the rack clothes work for those of us without off the rack shapes.  My complaint is that only good men’s stores seem to offer tailoring any more.  In my youth I never was allowed to wear a dress or skirt until it had been to the seamstress  and properly ‘hung’ and hemmed.  I had the shoulders and sleeves of jackets altered too.  The aunt who raised me had grown up with a maiden aunt who was a seamstress living on the farm as part of the family so even though there might have been a depression going on her clothes for school and going out were all properly fitted.  Years ago I bought a nice Ralph Lauren suit at a Nordstrom store while on a trip largely because the clerk said they offered alterations and would ship it to  me.  I think that was the last time I found in store tailoring offered with women’s clothes.

I am of an age and from a rural area where during my childhood the only place to see movies was an a drive-in during the summer.  There were no multiplex cinemas.  I never when to many drive-in showings.  I think Jungle Book during elementary school was my first.  And I remember that I saw the first Star Wars film with my brother at a drive-in.  That may have been the last film I saw at a drive-in.  No, I can tell no tales of dates at the drive-in or of not seeing the film because of back seat activities but …. I am betting I just might have a blog follower or two who can not say the same.  Not asking for any confessions here.

Those are the wacky holiday observances for June the 6th.


3 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday # 23 – National Tailor’s Day / Drive-In Movie Day

  1. Yes, a seamstress/tailor used to work full time at the better clothing stores. I remember going to the drive-in movies, probably elementary school age. There were kiddie rides for before the show started, then sitting in the backseat with my brother, munching popcorn.

  2. Great holidays! I never had clothes tailored at a store, but I have worked with a seamstress on a couple of formal dresses in my life. My most memorable movie in the drive-in was Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Fun!

  3. Even though I could benefit from a good tailor, I usually try to make do with what I can find. Needless to say, I often come home empty-handed (drives my husband crazy to spend hours trying on clothes and not buy one thing). Nordstrom’s is one of the few stores that offers great customer service. However, in my neck of the woods, there are many dry cleaners who offer tailoring.

    Drive-ins. There were a couple of movie theaters in my home town (I went every weekend for under 50 cents), but we also had a drive-in. When I was growing up, you paid by the car, not by the head (that drive-in still exists, but now they charge by the person just like any other movie theater). My mom and her best friend would load up the station wagon with seven children to go watch a movie. They let you bring in your own snacks (now they charge extra if you want to do that). It was a great way to entertain a lot of kids for very little money! And we thought it was so much fun because we got to stay up past our bedtime. I saw the 1960’s ‘beach movies’ and ‘Beatles movies’ (and many more as I grew up and took my own car with friends) at the drive-in. Times have changed, and the drive-in is no longer the bargain it once was.

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