Thoughtful Thursday # 24 – Cord or Parachute

Would you rather go bungee jumping or skydiving?

I am a keep my feet firmly planted on the ground kind of gal.  I do not even like to stand close to the edge of an observation platform or bridge railing.  So bungee jumping? –  I do not think so.  My head is spinning at the thought of it.  I image the cord breaking or if it held bouncing upside down for days on end.  Not that I image myself with a parachute drifting through the sky either.  But if I had to do one or the other I am opting for the skydiving.  Maybe I would luck into a  reassuring mature instructor for a tandem jump.  Someone who would gently laugh as I trembled and screamed my lungs off.  I recall as a teenager watching TV broadcasts of skydivers who made formations holding hands in the air.  I thought it was looked beautiful.  Just the same I would rather opt for a hot air balloon ride.  That is something I have actually wished to do.




6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday # 24 – Cord or Parachute

      • Absolutely — I’d love to die with some young stud hugging me as I plunge downward. 😎 No, seriously, I’ve always wanted to parachute — I will if I ever get a chance! I’ll call you, okay?

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