Music Monday # 26 – Happy Birthday Ms Simon

Carly Simon was born on June 25, 1945.  Now I have never really been a fan but if you are born at a certain time there are certain songs that are such big hits that they become part of your life whether or not you follow a given performer.  Carly’s “You’re So Vain”  fits into that category for me.  It was a hit in early 1973.  As a 13-year-old I had no clue about male vanity but by my 20s I had encountered a few guys saying  or doing things that would trigger the “You’re So Vain” tune in my head.  And as I do not want to leave you with the wrong impression of my young adult years I should disclose that most of these occasions did not feature anyone I was involved with but friends of friends beaus.  (That should get me off the hook if there ever is anyone bored enough out there to cyber track me — ha, ha!)  Whether or not you are a Carly Simon fan I think you would find her web page devoted to the song entertaining, and perhaps enlightening.

I also have to confess that until I went to her website today it had not occurred to me  that the 67-year-old Carly Simon was the daughter of the co- founder of Simon and Schuster publishing.

Because there is a wonderful video of “You’re So Vain” on the web page I gave a link to above I have decided to feature another Carly Simon classic here.  This one only makes me think of a ketchup  commercial:


One thought on “Music Monday # 26 – Happy Birthday Ms Simon

  1. Haha, waiting for the ketchup. Good one, Kitty. I wasn’t a big fan of her music back then, either, but we had only two local radio stations at the time and listened to whatever came on.

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