Wacky Wednesday # 26 – Audio Books

Audio Book Appreciation Month

If listening to audio books makes you an old lady then that confirms that I am indeed an old lady.   In the fall of 2010 I signed up for a credit a month plan with Audible.com ( of the Amazon empire) and I have been pleased with it.  When I began I listened to books through my iPod with ear-buds while riding in the car or on the tread mill at the gym.  Once I purchased an iPhone I found that listening via the Audible app was even more convenient.  Now I often have a book going while I cook, especially if my local NPR station does not have an appealing program airing.

I especially like listening to memoirs read by the author.   I am currently in the midst of Diane Keaton’s  Then Again.   Other memoirs I have enjoyed from Audible include Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Infidel, Ann Patchett’s This Is the Story of a Happy Marriage, and Jeannette Walls’ The Glass Castle.

(Note — week #26, we are half way through 2012!)


One thought on “Wacky Wednesday # 26 – Audio Books

  1. I tried listening to an audio book while doing something else once, and found I couldn’t concentrate on either one fully. Listening in the car might be ok. Glad you enjoy it and take advantage of the opportunity provided by technology.

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