Music Monday # 28 – American Bandstand

     On July 9, 1956  — “Dick Clark began one of the longest runs in hosting a television series when he debuted as host of Bandstand on a TV station in Philadelphia.  The show was eventually picked up by ABC-TV and would change its name to American Bandstand.”

Info and photo from Inside the Rock Era

As a young teen in the 1970s I worked in a family owned department store most Saturdays.  I would try to have my lunch break coincide with when the show aired so I could view part of the show.  I mostly wanted to catch the segment where Dick Clark spoke with an artist or group before they performed on stage.


One thought on “Music Monday # 28 – American Bandstand

  1. I heard this mentioned today, the first airing of American Bandstand. I used to like to watch it on Saturdays. Dick Clark will be missed.

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