Music Monday – Cold as Ice

On July 23, 1977 – Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” was released.  Given how hot late July can be the idea of being as “cold as ice” does not strike me as all that bad.  I doubt I paid any attention to the song coming out in 1977.  It was the summer after I finished H.S. and prior to starting college.

Listening to it now the synthesizer/keyboard sounds of that period were down right ugly.  No wonder I enjoyed church organ lessons and playing with different combinations of stops.  If I was a 17-year-old now instead of then I am sure a nice digital piano and computer composition programs like Finale would have outweighed those organ lessons.

For anyone who is wondering why all the ancient pop music rather than “classical” on Music Mondays it is because the sights that are popping up lately for ‘this day in music history’ are for pop, rock, and oldies.  I will probably get back to a few posting posts on more serious genres at some point before 2012 draws to a close — we are on the downside of the year now.


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