Travel Tuesday – Longing for London

For a 10 year plus period, starting in 1998,  I was lucky enough to fly into Heathrow once or twice a year spending some time in London and other parts of England or Scotland.   Watching the Olympic coverage is making me miss my favorite destination, so I am sharing some more London scrap-book pages.    These snap shots  were taken on Christmas Day 2005 during a lunch cruise on the Thames.



3 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday – Longing for London

  1. A friend of mine is living in London, and it sounds like it is a bit crazy and fun with all of the Olympic activities. She said the mayor warned people to stay off of public transport. Yikes. But she does love it there.

    Like Patti said, you must have wonderful memories. And pictures are such a great way to revisit them.

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