Thoughtful Thursday – Do you prefer the city or the country?

Do you prefer the city or the country?

This is a “the grass is always greener on the other side” question in all likely hood.  I have lived all my life in the rural countryside.  Going to the city is always a treat, a chance to see museums, hear music, eat at different restaurants, shop for things not available in person back home.  I dream of having those opportunities available on a daily basis, of having public transit to jump on to take me them.  But…,  there is always a but, after 7 to 10 days I tire of the dirty, grimy feeling that comes from the crush of people and  I start  longing  for fresher, cleaner air.  Still I believe living in a city is something I would find pleasing as long as I could escape to the country from time to time.  That and afford a lovely condo in a nice neighborhood.   Do not expect to hear that I have relocated anytime soon.

4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Do you prefer the city or the country?

  1. The City! I have lived in the country (on a cattle ranch – I just occupied the house – it was too far from everything). I have lived in the suburbs (almost my entire life). I have lived at the beach (loved it). And I have lived in the city (loved it). A coastal city is the best of both worlds 🙂

  2. I’d rather be somewhere in between so I can have the convenience of the city and the restorative peacefulness of the country.

  3. I live in the country, but just 5 minutes drive from a fairly big town. I think I have the best of both worlds. Nice walks in the country side, but the convenience of the town if I need anything 🙂

  4. I’d much rather live in the country. You have to be efficient when you go in town (maintain lists at all times). The only city I’ve ever wanted to live in was Minneapolis – that I love. None others though.

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