Wacky Wednesday — National Scrabble Week

I never was a Scrabble addict and I certainly was not a champion Scrabble player but since I got an iPhone back in March I have found myself playing  Words with Friends almost daily.   The beauty of Words with Friends over the traditional board game for me is that I  can put a word out if even if I am not sure that it is spelled correctly and attempt to play it without showing my opponent.  If it is correct it will go through and be scored, if it is incorrect  I can simply  try again or opt for another word.  And I can take the time between turns that I might want to check a dictionary app regarding definitions of words I might not recognize that are played by others.

Are you a traditional Scrabble player?  Have you  delved into the Words with Friends world?


7 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday — National Scrabble Week

  1. I love Scrabble. I used to play with my grandmother all of the time when she was living. My daughter invited me to try Words with Friends. I just installed it on my phone last week, but I haven’t played it yet.

  2. I haven’t tried Words with Friends either, although my daughter mentioned it a while back. I play the Welder Word game on my iPad instead. It doesn’t need another player.

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