Thoughtful Thursday — Reality TV

Are there any reality TV shows you’d try out for?

No.  I have no desire to be seen on TV.  With the quantity of reality program I confess there are a few that I do watch on a regular basis and a few of those do include people who are not outrageous but I still want to give up my spot on my couch for a place in front of the cameras.

My semi- or not so semi- trashy viewing habits:  Real Housewives of NYC (who prove that money does not buy class, neither do distant minor European titles), MasterChef (I admire the skills of the home cooks, I could not match their talent and I would not stand for the verbal beatings they have to take from Gordon Ramsey et al), and the cooking competitions for pros like Chopped or Top Chef Masters.

How about you?  Would you put yourself in front of the cameras for fame, fortune, or other reasons?  Are you refined enough, busy enough to avoid the whole reality TV medium?  If you do indulge in reality TV watching which programs have you hooked?


6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday — Reality TV

  1. I curse that writers’ strike — before that, reality wasn’t even known as a TV genre. Now look what we have to put up with! Bitchy housewives or teens who drink way too much and screw any guy they can find, whiny brides who like to browbeat their families, and far too many sluttily-dressed entertainers’ and sports personalities’ skanky wives. And the networks encourage this stuff.

    Can you tell my blood sugar is low? I always get cranky when it drops. Many apologies if I insulted one of your shows — I used to watch them — that whole Flava Flav debacle — but I managed to break free.

  2. I couldn’t imagine being on a reality show either, although there are some days I feel like I’m on a reality show dealing with the tax auditors. This week I argued with New York why I didn’t think they should be looking for a form from 1993 to 1995 when I could prove the returns were filed. Thankfully the gal I was dealing with thought about it overnight, talked to her boss and cleared it. I was pretty mad for a while though. Let’s see – oh yes, also discussing my VP why an attorney who was good enough to take a tax case to the U.S. Supreme Court should do a project that’s coming up. That one’s still not settled.

    I know I’m current on reading your blog, but I must not have actually come out to it for a while. I had no idea you changed your template! I hope your summer is going well. I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of August already.

    1. Yes I get bored and switch up the visual every now and again. I do the same around the house moving furniture or taking pictures down and rearranging them.

  3. I don’t watch much reality tv. No, I wouldn’t put myself out there for the scrutiny, nor for the verbal abuse given on many of them. No matter how much $$ was involved.

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