Music Monday – Come Sail Away

On this date, September 24,  in 1977 Styx released  “Come Sail Away”.   I am positive I was not listening to it that autumn as I was a college freshman music major.  I was spending hours in a practice room improving my less than impressive scales and piano technique.  I also was working on sight singing, ear training, and attempting to gain an elementary grasp of the violin for string pedagogy class (one of the more stressful endeavors I have ever undertaken).   But sometime somewhere I would find the tune to “Come Sail Away” to be one of those that sticks in the brain.  Hope you don’t wake up in the wee hours of the morning with it looping around in your head.

[If you have trouble viewing the above click on “Tube” in the lower right corner which will open a new window with the video.]

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