The Daily Post Word Prompt

Thanks to a post at Living The Seasons I just became aware of the Daily Prompt at the Daily Post.   “michelle w.” authored this prompt:

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013?
Is that where you’d wanted to be?

I had my head on my pillow and my eyes were shut, probably sound asleep, as the clock reached 12-midnight.  I had been reading in bed since about 10 pm but my eyes, along with the rest of me were tiring.  I think I had turned the light off around 10:35.    At 10:58 I eyed the bedside clock as I heard my husband entering our bedroom.  That is all I remember until waking on New Years Day 2013.   I was happy to be home and tucked into my own bed.  I am quite certain home is where our cats preferred their parents to be too.  After all it was their first New Years Eve in a new home.


3 thoughts on “The Daily Post Word Prompt

  1. I hope they weren’t scared by neighbors celebrating with fireworks. This is the first year I didn’t turn on the tv to watch the ball drop.

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