Daily Prompt: Quote Me

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

I have  three quotations posted in my kitchen:

1.  A woman’s environment will speak for her life, whether she likes it or not.   — Edith Wharton

2.  No mean woman can cook well, for it calls for a light head, a generous spirit, and a large heart.  –Paul Gauguin

3. There is always a best way of doing everything.  — R.W. Emerson

I am a bit of a slob by nature but I enjoy tidy rooms. kitchen quote That is a big part of why I have the Edith Wharton quote in my kitchen.   I may look up at it and say to myself clean up the mess around you, do you really want someone to see and say this clutter is who you are.

I enjoy cooking, especially baking.  I came of age during a time when ‘domestic skills’ were not valued much.  Women were quick (and proud) to say they were working and did not have time to cook etc.   For me the Paul Gauguin quote makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  It reassures me it is indeed of value to be a homebody instead of a high-powered “killer” woman.   (Please do not think I  do not admire women who have devoted the bulk of their life to professional accomplishments.  I do.  I for a time thought my profession would be primary outlet and source of pride but I quickly found it not to be the right path for me.)

There are many ways to do most things but I have since a young age felt that there was one correct choice to be made admist many wrong ones.  I really do understand it is not so in truth but I still like the sentiment behind the R.W. Emerson quote.   And it my kitchen it can make me think what is the best way for me to accomplish a task.  Maybe should I take the time to chop veggies by hand or maybe they be fine thrown into the food processor for a particular recipe.

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