My room at age ten

Faded yellow flowers on ancient wallpaper, a 'pineapple' walnut full sized bed with handmade quilts. A vanity with 3 mirrored panels plus a large dresser, a hope chest with black padded top. A less aged desk and chair for studying. One window with fluffy dotted Swiss curtains that looks out to the main barn. The overhead ceiling fixture has a pull chain to which extra string and a plastic "Snoopy" has been tied so I find it in the dark. There is an extension cord going out the door so I can have a desk lamp. In this Edwardian era farm house the electric outlets are limited and doors are never closed.

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3 Years of KittyHere

I just found a “Happy Anniversary” notice from WordPress stating that I registered this blog 3 years ago today. Where has the time gone?

I have made 593 posts, including this one. My blog has been viewed 7,402 times with a peak day of 545 views.

Will I be here 3 years from now? Maybe. Will you still be visiting, following, and commenting? I hope so.

Over again?

If you could live your life over again, would you choose to do it? Why or why not?

No thank you. I may have made some poor choices but not that many. If I had to do things over I fear I would not be as feisty, focused, or fortunate as I was the first time around. So no going back, only forward march for me.

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