My room at age ten

Faded yellow flowers on ancient wallpaper, a 'pineapple' walnut full sized bed with handmade quilts. A vanity with 3 mirrored panels plus a large dresser, a hope chest with black padded top. A less aged desk and chair for studying. One window with fluffy dotted Swiss curtains that looks out to the main barn. The overhead ceiling fixture has a pull chain to which extra string and a plastic "Snoopy" has been tied so I find it in the dark. There is an extension cord going out the door so I can have a desk lamp. In this Edwardian era farm house the electric outlets are limited and doors are never closed.

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12 thoughts on “My room at age ten

  1. Sounds like a pretty typical room for a young child! You did well with the descriptions – I could easily envision how it looked as I stood in the doorway with you and looked around.

    • Thank you. I enjoyed writing it. I sold that house in 1993, or 1994. I didn’t take photos but images are clear in my mind. The vanity from that room is still in my possession, the rest not.

  2. What a wonderfully vivid description. I could almost smell breakfast cooking downstairs after waking up in your childhood room. I had a giggle at the electrical cord as I stepped over one in my room only moments ago. 🙂

    • I think I have 3 or 4 power strips in my home for computer and a/v equipment but no extension cords between rooms thank goodness even though part of the house I live in now are older than the place I lived in at age ten.

      Don’t you just love decorating photos where everything appears to be cordless?

  3. I had a vanity like the one you describe. That would be nice view out your window. Great descriptions.
    That’s one thing I appreciate about newer homes, multiple outlets. Our house was built in the 1960s and has two not-well-placed ones in the upstairs bedrooms.

  4. Your room sounds lovely. My parents had a bed like yours. My room at ten had cotton candy pink walls and a French provincial canopy bed with matching furniture. My bedding was white with little pink flowers embroidered on it. The floors were wooden, but I had a fluffy pink throw rug. I miss that old room sometimes. I used to pretend that my bed was a covered wagon and that I was Laura Ingalls traveling West. I’d use a jump rope for horse reigns. 🙂

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