On the move

If you could move to any location on the planet, where would you go and why?

I spent a good number of years dreaming of retiring to the Cotswolds town of Morton-in-Marsh. If I could move anywhere that would still be high on my list of choices. However if money is no object I might consider a location in central London within view of one of the beautiful parks. If I did so I would enjoy the lovely flower gardens without having to labor, I would visit museums, attend concerts and theatre. And when I needed an escape from the urban hustle and bustle I would take a train out to the countryside.

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Back to Boston

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boston strong

Yesterday my husband and I drove to the Anderson-Woburn MA commuter rail station, parked, and took the train into Boston to attend a rescheduled BSO concert.  I was struck by the quiet demeanor of everyone.  I am rural person through and through so I normally find entering the land of mass transit to be noisy, dirty, and I go into a mild state of alertness even though I love many assets that can only found in an urban environment.  None of those feelings yesterday.  OK there may have been one or two discarded newspapers on the floor of an Orange Line car but really the young people (tweens, teens, college students, 20 somethings) were all displaying a respectful reserve along with their elders. The security checks of bags when entering Symphony Hall was professional, but did not feel intrusive. After the concert we ended up walking quickly past the area where the Patriot’s Day bombing took place.  We were trying to make it to North Station in time for a train (which we missed by 2 minutes) so we were not really gawking.  Everything looked quite normal, the way it would at the end of April any year except as I have already noted quieter and cleaner.  My husband commented when we got home how the streets showed no evidence of the recent dramatic tragedy.  We did not walk directly passed the stretch of fence where memorial displays had been relocated but could see a moderate crowd of people viewing those items as we turned the corner to head in the opposite direction.  Again my ears were struck by the relative quiet.  There was plenty of traffic but I only heard one or two car horns.  People might be carrying on conversations but there was no yelling or screaming to friends in the distance.

We will be back in Boston this coming weekend and spending a couple of nights in one of the chain hotels in that central area.  I am going to be interested in observing if things are still somber, and comfortable for the simple country kid I will never out age, or whether the noise, grit, grim, and activity of the Boston I remember from years past is starting to return.

For those people and families who will never regain their pre Patriot’s Day 2013 normal please consider donating to The One Fund – Boston.