Six Word Fridays ~ Eye(s)

cat eyeslightning eyesLook at those black cats’ eyes.



Out of your reach

Sometime around the age of 8, 9, or 10 I saw a large doll at a store.dutch doll The store imported items from around the world. It would have been in the middle of the 1960s, long before the internet. The store might have been called Imports International. The doll had long blond braids, real wooden shoes, a little white cap and a lovely traditional Dutch dress. The exact details of the dress have faded from my memory. I do remember the price was more than my aunt and uncle were willing to spend. Needless to say my life went on just fine without that doll. I have yet to visit Holland or any other part of the Netherlands. If I do I am sure that doll will be on my mind. Had I received the doll I assume I would have loved her and taken good care of her. But perhaps it was a good lesson. Had I had the doll would the memory be so dear? I think not.

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Chicken Soup

… be it for the soul or for the body, or maybe just for the warmth and aroma.soup

It may look a bit more like beef broth than chicken as I decided to use some “forbidden rice” which added an extra depth of color.  I guess I could have/should have rinsed the black rice but to me that means washing about nutrients.

However, whatever, I have a good number of hearty bowls of low sodium/low cal goodness ahead of me this week.

Besides the forbidden rice I used arborio rice, & whole wheat orzo, carrots & celery – plenty of onion powder, ground rosemary, a couple pinches of ground pepper and paprika, and oodles of torn chicken meat.

Favorite things, double borrowed

This idea started with a post titled  “Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens.”  from the blog SERIOUS THOUGHTS TAKEN NOT SO SERIOUSLY.  

Then it traveled to a post titled “A Few Of My Favourite Things”  on the blog Mushy Cloud.   That is where I first saw the list which I am about to expropriate:

Favorite Flower:  stargazer lily

Favorite color:  pink, in many many shades

 Favorite ice cream flavor:  chocolate

Favorite TV show:  The House of Eliott (1994)

Favorite food:   New England Style Chicken Pie

Favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving

Favorite actor:  Morgan Porterfield Freeman, Jr.

Favorite actress:    Dame Judi Dench

Favorite vegetable:   carrots

Favorite movie: one I have yet to see

Favorite month:  October

Favorite singer/band:     no idea, too many choices

Favorite song:  no idea, changes with the second-hand of a clock

Favorite animal:  domestic cat

Favorite time of day:  Bedtime…..and it is just about bedtime now.

Six Word Fridays ~ Leap

Look before you LEAP, then go!

I am starting 2014 thinking that I want to have rearranged a few things in my life before New Years Eve 2015.  Just exactly what those changes will be, I am not totally sure.  I know there are HUGE things I would change in a snap if I could, but those things cannot be changed in a snap.  Plus, they are changes that are not mine to make alone.   But I know I am looking and when I have looked, and consulted,  the time will come to just GO.  I might need a push or two.  I am stating that here because I know myself.  Are any of my gentle readers good pushers?


What’s your learning style?

I would most likely be labeled a visual learning. I do take in what I see. However I listen too. Put that together and what do you get? An auto-visual learner.: translation — plug in the TV, throw in a DVD and let me soak it up. Or place me in a lecture hall with a slide show or power point projection.

Do I learn on my own, in a social setting, or with guidance of an expert? Yes, yes, and yes. A little bit of any of those, but each at the correct time.

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My husband had tree 2a health scare in November 2013. After 11 days in hospital he was back home. We had a quiet Thanksgiving and Christmas. I put up a fair amount of Christmas decorations and on the 5th day of Christmas had a little party. Around 25 friends came by.  We are now at the end of Christmastide. Taking down the decorations? Maybe I will postpone for a while yet.

Happy 2014

I have not been posting for ages. 
I am not saying that I will post that much in 2014 either. 
What I do want to say is I appreciate the blogging community. 
I am still reading, following, and commenting here and there.  
Signing off with those thoughts for now.
Cheers, Kitty