Happy 2014

I have not been posting for ages. 
I am not saying that I will post that much in 2014 either. 
What I do want to say is I appreciate the blogging community. 
I am still reading, following, and commenting here and there.  
Signing off with those thoughts for now.
Cheers, Kitty

7 thoughts on “Happy 2014

    1. Thank you. The end of 2013 was action packed. My husband had a cerebral brain bleed which required 11 days in hospital. But he is nearly fully recovered. Amazing! Now I just need to ‘recover’ myself. Stress is not so good for my psyche. But today we can say things like that openly…and get treatment.

      1. That would be quite a scare. My FIL fell last year and caused a brain bleed. We saw him at Christmas, briefly. He lives in a nursing home now. So glad to hear your husband is recovering well.

      2. I know of two cases similar to your FIL: one a man who like your FIL is now in a nursing home, he is only in his 40s: the other a woman who only need one night in hospital, she had headaches for a few weeks but now is doing fine.

        My husband and I are blessed. Considering that his “event” was mainly due to his not going to a doctor for years & that hypertension had been an issue in the past I find it is almost embarrassing to see such a positive outcome. The world is not always fair, we are so very lucky. May he never tempt fate the same way again.

  1. Oh wow, how scary about your husband. I’m glad he’s doing better.

    I was so happy to get that note from you on my blog and knowing that you were still reading it, however infrequently I was blogging. I’m glad you’re still around in WordPress and left this note on your blog for us.

    So much has been happening to me – not just my daughter. The big thing is I’m losing weight – down over 30 pounds so far. That’s taking up so much of my time to cook, get enough sleep, etc. And I’ve been really tired. That’s only recently improved, but not enough to actually get anything done at night yet.

    Take care of yourself. It’s no fun to be a caregiver and be taking care of both of you. I had that happen when my husband had an ACL replacement years ago. The day he got off the crutches and started driving, I came down with a nasty cold and spent the rest of the winter sick.


  2. Nancy,
    My husband is really nearly perfectly recovered, but it is taking a massive dose of 3 different medications to keep his blood-pressure OK. You are so right that the care giver collapses once the object of care is better. But I have a team of health care professionals and a bevy of smart friends keeping an eye on me. I too will be OK. Greedy me actual wishes for both my husband and myself to be better than before all this. You get my drift? More grateful, more caring,… living every moment a little more fully…

    That is an impressive weight loss. Good for you. I hope you and your doctors are pleased. Because I know not all weight loss is something to be applauded I am cautious in my praise but if it is a healthy achievement then I am ready to bring out some pom-poms and cheer cheer cheer.

    I am down a quick stress related 10 pounds. Time will tell is it stays off or rebounds. The scale is not the only measure of health, or the only measure of virtue. And that is a message I intend to keep preaching long and loud!

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