My husband had tree 2a health scare in November 2013. After 11 days in hospital he was back home. We had a quiet Thanksgiving and Christmas. I put up a fair amount of Christmas decorations and on the 5th day of Christmas had a little party. Around 25 friends came by.  We are now at the end of Christmastide. Taking down the decorations? Maybe I will postpone for a while yet.

3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Leave them up and enjoy them! It’s no one’s business except for yours. And the lights are so pretty. It would be a shame to not enjoy them.


  2. Good Morning Kitty! That “like” I put up there was for your Christmas decorations not your husband’s health scare. I put candles in the windows and a small foot and a half ceramic tree that my Mom made us 40 years ago for decorations this year. I took them down the day after New Year’s Day. But I missed Mom’s little lighted Christmas tree so I put it back up Saturday and it makes me smile. Love your tree with little bears.. 🙂 Your Christmas party sounds festive and cozy. A nice celebration with friends for your husband’s recovery.You are right about the gout and diet. The bout CH had this Fall was his third. I think we have figured out that it was from the Chinese herbs he was taking for a tremor in his arm. He stopped taking the herbs and his toe cleared up in a day and no troubles since. Hope you are staying warm. We are at -8F with 8 inches of snow on the ground. BUT we have sun!!!!!

  3. Doing OK with the cold. I think the Midwest is getting the worst of it. I am a well insulated northern New Englander. A heat wave makes me more miserable than a cold snap. And I can pay my oil bill. I feel for those who can not.

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