Six Word Fridays ~ Leap

Look before you LEAP, then go!

I am starting 2014 thinking that I want to have rearranged a few things in my life before New Years Eve 2015.  Just exactly what those changes will be, I am not totally sure.  I know there are HUGE things I would change in a snap if I could, but those things cannot be changed in a snap.  Plus, they are changes that are not mine to make alone.   But I know I am looking and when I have looked, and consulted,  the time will come to just GO.  I might need a push or two.  I am stating that here because I know myself.  Are any of my gentle readers good pushers?



5 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays ~ Leap

    • We had, here in Vermont, a woman governor Madeleine May Kunin (1985 – 1991) who was given the nickname “straddle-in Madeleine.” Who is that for a woman being a fence sitter but powerful.

      I will accept your support and willingness to be a loyal reader as better than a “pusher.” Thank you!

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