Favorite things, double borrowed

This idea started with a post titled  “Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens.”  from the blog SERIOUS THOUGHTS TAKEN NOT SO SERIOUSLY.  

Then it traveled to a post titled “A Few Of My Favourite Things”  on the blog Mushy Cloud.   That is where I first saw the list which I am about to expropriate:

Favorite Flower:  stargazer lily

Favorite color:  pink, in many many shades

 Favorite ice cream flavor:  chocolate

Favorite TV show:  The House of Eliott (1994)

Favorite food:   New England Style Chicken Pie

Favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving

Favorite actor:  Morgan Porterfield Freeman, Jr.

Favorite actress:    Dame Judi Dench

Favorite vegetable:   carrots

Favorite movie: one I have yet to see

Favorite month:  October

Favorite singer/band:     no idea, too many choices

Favorite song:  no idea, changes with the second-hand of a clock

Favorite animal:  domestic cat

Favorite time of day:  Bedtime…..and it is just about bedtime now.

5 thoughts on “Favorite things, double borrowed

    1. I am going to play in your comments if it is ok?
      Ice cream flavor~vanilla
      TV show~Family(TV series from 1976-1980)
      Actor~Spencer Tracy
      Actress~Diane Lane
      Movie~Desk Set
      Singer/Band~Smokey Robinson and if you go waaaaay back Mel Torme
      Song~Too many to pick
      Animal~Very tough, horse or house cat
      Time of day~mid-afternoon into early evening.

      Thanks Kitty!

  1. I enjoyed your list. Peony, yes, I love them too. Cheeseburger, I think my husband would pick that too. Actress~Diane Lane & Movie~Desk Set, I have got to Google those two. But in my defense I do know both Smokey Robinson and Mel Torme.

  2. I love the Sound of Music . . . pink is my favorite color, too, which you may have noticed on my blog, lol. My daughter had Stargazer lilies in her wedding bouquet. They were exquisite. I love many flowers, but a hot pink Gerber daisy may be my favorite. Like you, many of my favorite things are really hard to identify, too many choices, but my favorite TV show is Psych because it is actually something I like that my boys do too so we all watch together. It’s fun getting to know you a bit. Thanks for following my blog!

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