Six Word Fridays ~ Sweet

candy box

Sweet memories, sweet treats, handmade chocolates.


When I was a little girl my uncle would often come home with a pound box of chocolates from Richardson’s Candy Kitchen in Deerfield, MA.   As I got older he did not travel through Deerfield as often and I did not see the chocolates as much.  I do not remember them by the time I was in High School or after that.  Then sometime, probably a year or two ago, I saw the candy store mentioned on a Food Network program.   I marveled that they were still in business, but I never mentioned it to my husband.  Then when we were in Boston recently I decided to Goggle them.  They had a website. candy sign I sent the link from my iPhone to my husband’s iPhone.  A little bit later he said we could stop at Richardson’s on the way home.  We each selected our own half pound box assortment.  I still have some left.  I also have some dark chocolate foil wrapped Easter eggs and little bunny rabbits from Richardson’s Candies set aside.  Wherever you are, you can visit their website and make an order.  For me stopping at their shop was a very sweet treat.



Pet Remembrance Day 2014

Today being “Pet Remembrance Day 2014” was brought to my attention by “Under The Oaks… Captures. And A Few Words.”  Her lovely collage of pet photos made me want to dig around to see what pictures I could find.

Many of you know my husband and I share our home with two black cats, Thunder & Lightning.  I found their photos on a Humane Society website only a few days after our beloved Zoe left this world.bye bye zoe

We brought Zoe home from the very same Humane Society a few months after purchasing our first house (the house we are still in nearly 20 years later.)   She was 5 at the time and lived to a very ripe old age of 22 & 1/2.  And her passing was quiet and natural.  She will be in our hearts forever.


Zoe is the first pet that  my husband and I shared.

There had been a long gap of living without pets for me until Zoe came along.


At age 5 I moved in with an aunt and uncle, Erma & Billy,  and a cat named Timmy.

There may be a faded photo somewhere of Timmy, but what I do have is a painting, done on a plain piece of cardboard.  It hangs in my den/TV room.  It was painted by another aunt, Ethlyn.  

Timmy was my friend through most of my elementary school years.  He waited for the school bus with me.  He stayed upstairs in my room when I read and studied after school each day.

There were many cats and kittens on the farm with my parents in my earliest years.  But the pet I remember from that time the most is a border collie named Johnny.  A border collie is not likely to ever be an appropriate pet for me again given my lifestyle, but whenever I see a black and white border collie my memory goes back to Johnny and the great affection I felt for him.  Johnny 001  You can identify Johnny no doubt.  I am the little girl in the wagon.  The woman in the center of the photo is my Aunt Eth, who painted the picture of Timmy.  My dad stands at the left with my baby sister Merrillee, and my half-brother Ronnie is kneeling on the ground behind Johnny, the border collie.

Our pets tell the story of our lives don’t they.  My sister & I are the only ones from the photo still living in this realm.

I hope you have been fortunate enough to have a pet or pets in your life, and that you too are prompted to think back and reflect on what they have contributed to your life thus far.

THE RAVENOUSLY DISAPPEARING WOMAN has also written a post for Pet Remembrance Day.  I recommend it, just click on her blog title to view.

Bravo at the MFA

A day at the museum also includes good food. These pictures are brunch selections:




Crab cake, salad, ginger cake with lemon mousse & chocolate sauce, and Bravo’s cookie plate. Darn it, husband tempted me into dessert again. I am weak willed where sweets are concerned. In my defense we have walked over 8,300 steps so far today. Should pick up at least another 2,000 to break the 10,000 mark.

AM in Boston

Hanging out at the MFA. Waiting for a student concert that will begin in about 10 minutes. The warm ups sound great. The program says “Theme: Feathered Friends”. We looked at a room of incredible Audubon prints before taking seats in the impromptu concert area. We will be hearing 3 pieces for solo clarinet by Stravinsky and a Homage a J.S. Bach by Bela Kovas. Then there will be some violin duets by Louis Spohr. One well known composer (Stravinsky) and two who wrote for their own instruments.