Four Years

The statisticians at WordPress have informed me I registered my blog four years ago. Really? I certainly had lost track.

In the beginning I thought I might become a food/recipe blogger. It took me very little time to discover that stopping to photograph every little step in cooking whatever was not my idea of a good time. Then I joined a 365 Word of the Day Challenge.  I posted very regularly for a couple of years. Now, in 2014, I find myself mostly finding an image and creating a six word phrase, or writing six six line phrases, to go with the Six Word Fridays prompt and linkup hosted by Adrienne of My Memory Art.

Thanks to all who follow me, to anyone who visits occasionally, and most of those of you who kindly leave comments that keep me motivated  & feeling part of a wonderful blogging family.


5 thoughts on “Four Years

  1. Congratulations on four years, Kitty! Had to smile at not having a good time photographing for a food blog. That would get old in a hurry for me, too.

  2. Congratualtions Kitty! I have been sputtering when it comes to blogging. I think I have always had a love /hate relationship with my blog. I love the people I meet but I am a huge PROcrastinator and most of the time getting a blog post up feels like work. It really is about the blogging family isn’t it?

  3. Hello Kitty! I agree with you 100%. Stopping to photograph every step of anything would make me nuts! I’m glad you persevered with blogging, tho. I’m just starting to collect a little blogging community around me (which includes you). An older lady commented at one of the blogs I read (The Weaver of Grass). She said besides friends, blogging has become a discipline for her. For me, too. Anyway, congratulations on turning four. This gives you a free pass for a nice slice of cake! 😉

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