Six Word Fridays ~ Breeze

Breeze 2

Calendar says spring, breeze says Brrrr.

That makes me think of Christina Rossetti’s Who Has Seen the Wind?

I loved that poem as a child.

7 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays ~ Breeze

  1. It’s warmer, but the breeze still has a bit of a chill here, too. I’ll have to look up that poem, not familiar with it.

  2. Hi Kitty!
    Just catching up on the Breeze poems. Was under the weather for a few days.

    Your poem is spot on. Not sure where you live, but it snowed all day today here in Maryland. A definite brrr!

    And can I just say how a-DOR-able your little cat icon thingie that goes with your name is? Josephine strongly approves 😉

  3. Love your description…two black cats and other stuff. We use to have a black cat and he was so fun. A stray that visited for almost 6 months and then left again one day. The Breeze is great…will have to check out the poem. Love the warm summer breezes though, but we are still with the very windy cold breezes here in Ohio even though the calendar says Spring. 🙂

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