Six Word Fridays ~ Sweet

candy box

Sweet memories, sweet treats, handmade chocolates.


When I was a little girl my uncle would often come home with a pound box of chocolates from Richardson’s Candy Kitchen in Deerfield, MA.   As I got older he did not travel through Deerfield as often and I did not see the chocolates as much.  I do not remember them by the time I was in High School or after that.  Then sometime, probably a year or two ago, I saw the candy store mentioned on a Food Network program.   I marveled that they were still in business, but I never mentioned it to my husband.  Then when we were in Boston recently I decided to Goggle them.  They had a website. candy sign I sent the link from my iPhone to my husband’s iPhone.  A little bit later he said we could stop at Richardson’s on the way home.  We each selected our own half pound box assortment.  I still have some left.  I also have some dark chocolate foil wrapped Easter eggs and little bunny rabbits from Richardson’s Candies set aside.  Wherever you are, you can visit their website and make an order.  For me stopping at their shop was a very sweet treat.



15 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays ~ Sweet

  1. Hey Kitty!
    The thing I like about Six Word Fridays is the diversity of the responses. Isn’t it neat?
    What a lovely memory to have, and to think the store was still there! A sweet touchstone to the past. 🙂 m

    P.S. Are you Episcopalian? Was looking at your goodreads side bar.
    Happy Weekend!

    1. My church background growing up was Methodist but in a parish yoked with UCC. I joined a UCC church with my husband shortly after we married. Then we drifted away from church attendance. We did however travel to England a couple times a year for about a decade. My husband fell for the COE tradition, I just fell for the marvelous choirs with well trained boys and men. Long story but we started attending an Episcopal Church this calendar year. That is why I felt the need to read up on the American Episcopal Church. My husband will join I am quite sure. I am feeling like I will attend with him but remain a visitor, a long term visitor.

    1. The chocolate is lasting only because I have it hidden away in an out of the way location. That and the fact I have other more ordinary treats around the house too.

  2. Good Morning Kitty! Such a sweet treat with memories. I feel that way about See’s Chocolates and have sweet memories of my Mom! Kitty I just noticed your Goodreads because Maureen mentioned it. I just signed up with them. Have to visit your book selection!!!

  3. I have a friend who introduced me to See’s candies by bringing back a small box of their citrus creams from Calfornia. Oh my were they delicious.

    I love GoodReads. Otherwise I would totally forget what I have or have not read.

    1. How did you get that nice skinny Goodreads widget here on your blog. I went to my widgets in my blog for Goodreads and they want my numeric id.. no idea what or where that it. I like your widget! How do I do that?

    1. I see that you have GoodReads on your blog now. I think how the widget appears is mostly dependent on what theme you are using. What I am using at the moment is “The Bold Life Theme.”

  4. So true…there are certain tastes/food that evoke strong memories!! One, for me, are the clementines of winter…that bring back the Christmases in Paris when my kids were little. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Oh, I love it when we find a taste of something from years back, because the further back they are the sweeter the memories. And handmade chocs? Yum!

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