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Six Word Fridays ~ Color


My colors maybe, not totally convinced. 

Once upon a time there was a craze to have your colors done.  I did not do it.  But I was reading about it online.  The colors above might be mine, but as I said I am not that sure.

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5 thoughts on “Six Word Fridays ~ Color

  1. So interesting! I visited a site maybe similar to what you are describing. I was an array of colors, but mostly blue! Visiting from Six Word Fridays.

  2. Ooo I would love to have my colors done on line. When someone asks my favorite color I am always a bit perplexed. There are so many beautiful colors and I have alway liked burgandy and green and taupe. Great Six Words Kitty!

  3. I remember, long ago, my mother having a book about this. Apparently, I’m an autumn. Luckily, those are my favorite colors to wear anyway! Have a great weekend!

  4. Don’t know what Colors I am , but probably wouldn’t follow the rules because I love bright colors, but wear lighter shades and red.

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